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Our house

Our house
Our mission is to transform everyday life into festive moments: For that København Kombucha has developed a sparkling, fermented alternative to champagne just without alcohol - so that everyone can participate and enjoy the moment.

Our history

In Denmark we are good at celebrating the big as well as the small moments – and this often means cheers and alcohol. København Kombucha’s mission is to include everyone in celebrations and offer sparkling drink filled in classic Champagne bottles as festive for those who cannot or do not want to drink alcohol.
København Kombucha was founded by Louise Benkjær Limbach in 2019. After having spent many years in France and Austria, she was very inspired by their food culture. Food was not just food but a life-style that could be integrated into everyday life.
The impressions from abroad needed to be tried in Denmark, but with a Danish focus on quality, taste and product design.The first product developed, København Kombucha's Hidcote Blue, won the product-price held in the summer 2019 on Bornholm (Sol-over-Gudhjem). This was a good start to the new adventure.
Lately, we have further developed our product. Even if our product contained very little alcohol, it was still too much for pregnant women, those with health challenges or people with religious beliefs. Our product also needed to remain cool. This was not only taking space in the fridges and making transport complicated – it was also one of the prime contributor to our carbon footprint.
We now have a solution. Through tighter control of the fermentation process and low temperature heat treatment, we managed to make our product shelf stable and alcohol free (0,0% VOL). For us, the priority is that København Kombucha stands for a mindful way of celebrating – through lower alcohol consumption – by lowering our carbon footprint – and by enabling everybody to join the cheers.
København Kombucha is a prize-winning and alcohol-free, fermented and sparkling tea to celebrate life or treat yourself every day.
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