In 2019, we invented a low alcoholic alternative to sparkling wines. We now take the next step, offering an alcohol free and shelf stable version.
Over the last 3 years, we have developed a new sparkling gourmet drink and are now taking a next step. Even if our product contained very little alcohol, it was still too much for pregnant women, those with health challenges or people with religious beliefs. Our product also needed to remain cool. This was not only taking space in the fridges and making transport complicated – it was also one of the prime contributor to our carbon footprint.
We now have a solution. Through tighter control of the fermentation process and low temperature heat treatment, we managed to make our product shelf stable and alcohol free (0,0% VOL). For us, the priority is that København Kombucha stands for a mindful way of celebrating – through lower alcohol consumption – by lowering  our carbon footprint – and by enabling everybody to join the cheers. 
København Kombucha is a prize-winning and alcohol-free fermented drink to celebrate life or treat yourself every day.